2 major things differentiate us from other escape rooms.

  1. We are located in a magnificent 1875 Victorian bank. Our rooms are not simply decorated to suit a theme- they are authentic time capsules from bygone eras, filled with vintage artifacts and objects. You’ll get a short tour of our historic building that is sure to impress. We have beautiful public areas where you can hang out, drink a cup of coffee (on us), and plan the rest of your day or night in the Marietta area.
  2. Our game is a fresh variation from the usual escape game experience. Instead of trying to break out, your objective is to break in. The goal by the end of the game is to have gathered as much money as possible before getting “caught”.  Time is still a factor- and you will be rewarded if you cash out before 60 minutes.

We are located 50 steps from the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail. You can use our building as a home base before or after you take a stroll along the trail. Frequent trail access points make it easy to access and customize the length of your walk/stroll/hike/bike.

We have plenty of parking behind our building that you may use for free while you visit us.

You and your group will arrive as early as 30 minutes, but at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Your guide will give you a short tour of our entire building, and then go over the rules of the game. You will have 60 minutes to play. You and your team will work together to discover clues around the play area. The Night Watchman will be watching you and can assist your group if you get stuck. Each escape room is different. For example, in our Vault and adjacent Office, you will try to find keys, combinations, and other interesting objects that will help you to break into the vault. The objective of the game is to accumulate as much cash or gold in the least amount of time. You’ll have to “deposit” your cash and gold with a bank teller before your 60 minutes are up. If you don’t deposit the money, you’ll be busted by The Night Watchman, and will not be able to claim victory.

Yes it is! We are located in the first nationally-chartered bank in Lancaster County. It was built in 1875, with an addition added in the 1940s where our vault is located. Inside the vault you’ll find original hardware and alarm systems. Many of the things you’ll be interacting with are originally from when the bank was in operation, such as documents, furniture and the vault itself: but don’t worry, we won’t lock you in. For those who are afraid of becoming claustrophobic, have no fear, you do not have to enter the vault to play the game (only one person needs to enter). Plus, the vault room is quite large, has an additional air supply, and has a mechanism that prevents the door from being closed. The door is quite heavy, and it takes a strong person 30 seconds to close it, with additional time to bypass the mechanism. The door has been totally refurbished and we have a very easy combination to open the door.

It costs $22 dollars per person to play. You may “buy out” the room with the purchase of all 8 tickets. If you purchase less than 8 tickets, you may have to share the room with other players that you do not know. The games are designed for multiple players. The Vault has been played with as little as 2 people and has been defeated. For the best experience, we cap the maximum amount of players at 8.

We recommend 4 to 8 people. You may “buy out” the room with the purchase of 8 tickets so that you do not have to play with another party. If you do not buy all 8 tickets, a maximum of 8 people will be in the room so, for example, if you buy two tickets, a maximum of 6 other people may also buy tickets for the same time slot. If you buy 8 tickets, you may bring more than 8 people.  The absolute capacity is 12 people. Please do not bring more than 12 people to play the game.

Unless you book the room privately (pay for all 8 spots), there is a possibility that other people will be playing the same game. If you have not bought out the room for a private event, the maximum amount of players in the room is 8.

We do not accept walk-ins, nor do we sell gift certificates at our location. All tickets and gift certificates are purchased on our website. We are opened by appointment only and time slots noted on our booking calendar- easily booked on our website. Our normal time slots occur on Friday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Special appointments can be arranged by phone at (717) 384-5625.

You will have up to 60 minutes to complete the game. You have the option to “cash out” at anytime.

You may either BOOK HERE through our website or if you want to schedule a special team building event during the week, give us a call at (717) 384-5625. If we don’t answer, we should get a notification and be able to call you back shortly.

Yes! Ages 13 and under do require an adult to come with them in the room. Ages 14 to 16 can play by themselves and give the parents a break, but we ask parents stay in the building or within town limits.

Nope! All you need if yourself and an eagerness to collect as much cash as possible! We do not have a dress code but you are more than welcome to dress for the occasion. If you are playing the Vault game, the room was built in the 1940s, and was functional through the 1990s.

No. We do have many artifacts and we do give a tour of the building after game play, so we do have a museum vibe, BUT The First National Bank Museum is a different attraction, located in Columbia, PA. This is conveniently only 10 minute away from our location! It is also by appointment only.

Yes- via our website only. All appointments are booked online, and you can buy “codes” to make an appointment. In other words, we do not offer physical gift “cards” per se- but you can buy gift code tickets here on our website. At the time of purchase, you -OR- your gift recipient will be sent a code that can then easily be used to book their escape game at a convenient time for them. We can not accommodate walk-in purchases of gift tickets. All purchases are done on our website.