Our 1940s vault has been completely refinished for your gaming pleasure. But to see inside, you’ll need to rummage through our desks and filing cabinets to unlock clues. Our room appeals to treasure hunters and sleuths alike.  And since this is a real bank vault, you will handle authentic vintage bank safe deposit boxes from 1917 and artifacts dating from the 1940s through the 1970s. In fact, our game was created from all of the desks, accessories, and objects that were left in the bank when it closed in 2000. While we call it an “escape room”, you will actually break in before escaping. Don’t worry- no one is ever locked in the vault! Once you get into the vault, the door remains open. There is no need to fear claustrophobia- it is a large room and vault. Collect as much cash and gold as possible to increase your score. If you are really clever and you complete the game before your 60 minutes is up, you will gain $1000 for every minute.

If you buy less than 8 tickets in a time slot, you may be grouped with other players. If you buy all 8 tickets in a given time slots, the room is yours to play privately. We recommend 4 to 8 players. The Vault Break In can be played with as little as 2 people, and has been played by 12 people. If you want to play with more than 8 players, you must call us and ask permission first. Our room and vault is bigger than most escape rooms, but it will feel crowded with 12. Players as young as 8 have played quite successfully. We ask that a parent is in attendance with players 16 and under. If you get stuck, your guide will assist you with clues so that you can break in, grab the loot, make a deposit, and stroll out like nothing happened. Are you a smooth criminal?

  • First National Escape vault you must break in to
  • First National Escape vintage phone and clues
  • First National Escape file drawers
  • First National Escape safe deposit boxes
  • First National Escape Yale lock

We could not have brought Break in to the Vault alive without the help of those who gave time and money to our endeavor. Our intention of creating these escape games is for the restoration of the bank building, built in 1875. Thank you to those who share our vision.